It’s funny.  I booked the blue lagoon pretty much with out hubs knowing.  When we were talking with our daughter about what we were going to do the week we were here in Iceland, she asked hubs if he was going to do any thing at the Blue Lagoon. Being the manly man he is, he looked at her and crinkled up his face and said, ” What do I want with that weird blue mud?  That girlie stuff is for mom”.

Fact is, it’s neither weird nor mud.  Blue-Lagoon_Sarah-Ackerman The Blue lagoon is a greatly relaxing geothermal hot spot that is less warm than a hot tub.  The minerals that are in the lava rocks surrounding the geothermal pool are what makes the water blue.  These minerals are great for your skin and very relaxing when you soak in them.     Hubs was willing to go in with me after all and I even got him to put on the mineral mask that they have buckets of for  free.   Even manly men should have good skin!!  ;D  It was very relaxing and both of us would love to do it every day if we could.

So, after we were relaxed and our skin was taught and glowing – actually sun burnt because we forgot our sunscreen. beer tour guide– we had another tour scheduled for the Olgerdin Brewery in Reykjavik.

We got there and immediately got served a pint of Gull beer.  Our tour guide and storyteller was Syrlilabjerk Bengradtisdottir or Sylvia Bennett.  She was wonderful.  We ended up having 3 more beers and one soda on top of the two pints each  of Gull beer.  We learned  a lot and it was great fun.  I definitely recommend it to everyone old enough!

And of course we had to go to the Lebowski bar after the brewery tour.  One more Gull Beer and some “nihilists” it was time to call it a night.   A great day indeed.  Highly recommended to you adventurers out there.labowski bar menu