As with many people who have chronic pain,  I was prescribed many many many pills to help with different aspects or symptomsprescriptions of my Fibromyalgia.  It seemed like each symptom had its own medication.  And then if I had any side affects of any of that medication I had another prescription.  I tried to take them like they were prescribed.  I tried to remember which one I had taken when.  I screwed up a lot. I took too many of some and not enough of others.  And if I was supposed to take anything outside of a meal time, forget it! Literally.

But, I faithfully went to the doctor.  I faithfully got my prescriptions refilled when they ran out – or when the label said they were to run out.   Now, here’s the thing – they seemed to help the pain sometimes.  They seemed to help the other symptoms sometimes.  I felt like a zombie when I took all of them correctly.  But, Hey, Its better than what I felt like before I started taking them… So why not? Right? It’s a newly found medical diagnosis so there isn’t anything better. 

Have you ever thought  that maybe the doctors and the medication companies are in cahoots to keep you just ill enough to need their services, but healthy enough to feel like what they’re doing is working?

My mom died of abdominal cancer this past February.  When she died she was taking a total of 12 different prescriptions of multiple pills per prescription a day.   questioningShe loved to go out to eat and watch TV.  Even though she was diabetic she would continuously eat fatty fried foods and things loaded with sugar.  Her freezer and pantry were packed with boxed, canned and bagged convenience food.   When she died I took a step back and compared my life to hers.   Whoa, interesting! I am not diabetic but other than that so similar.

What if all this extra man-made junk we are filling our bodies with could be doing more harm than good? What if all of these synthetic chemicals and manufactured foods we eat in the name of convenience is actually killing us?

My previously vegan California cousin had been posting on Facebook about eating Paleo since about June.  Finally I asked her about it.  Paleo, in a nutshell, means eating how God intended when he made us and told us in Genesis 9:3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.  Which means eating things that come from the earth, including meat – which is very interesting for a vegan.   She was born with a hole in her heart.  She had a stroke when she was 27.   She has had other health concerns within her life.  She said that she had been talking with her friends in the medical community that had tried it and they all (including the ex-vegan) felt physically better and literally had less health problems.  I mean less high-blood pressure,  lower diabetes numbers, and lower cholesterol numbers.   Time to investigate and give it a try!

I think Simply Orange had this in mind when the said “Simply unfooled around with”!  Maybe the old adage, “You are what you eat” is really true.