Oh these walls

That imprison me

These walls, these walls that no one else can see

These cold strong walls of the prison I’m in

This space entangles me and keeps me within

Some of my visitors

Peek in and say this place isn’t so bad

I wouldn’t mind at all the life that you have

The chores and the grind of daily life

Simple to most as they should be

But my prison keep is barking them at me

Get this done, be here, now now NOW

But these prison walls always hindering me somehow

Some visitors I have seem to understand for a minute

They say the right thing and try to come within it

But because these walls are so deep and entangled

My visitors can’t come to far

Understanding has limits

This life sentence I have with my invisible walls

Has taken a toll on my spirit

Whatever I did to deserve this sentence

I wish I could undo it

To late for that now

My sentence has been given

These walls, these walls,  these walls unseen

Life sentence in these walls … a new life for me