The little healthy one, originally blogged this and I thought it was great and very helpful, especially for those just starting to go paleo.


The Little Healthy One

As I keep posting images of my food on Instagram,  I thought I would outline a few of the simple swaps I have made that have improved my health and helped keep me away from:

– Dairy
– Gluten
– Refined sugar
– Refined salt
– Grains

Here they are….

1. Rice for cauliflower


I serve this with curries and casseroles.

Simply half steam cauliflower so it is not raw but not soft, then put it in your blender on a low setting. It will blend into small pieces that resemble rice.

It is great because it has a light flavour that isn’t overpowering so just blends right in. Perfect 🙂

2. Wheat pasta for zucchini

I serve spiroolied zucchini pasta with any dish that would be great with pasta, like bolognese or chicken pesto.

This one I serve raw, as if you cook it it goes quite…

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