The blogger, “The little healthy one” posted this on their site about dairy consumption. A lot of her facts match up with what I have posted, but I didn’t know about “bobby calfing”. Sad.

The Little Healthy One

Why do we drink another animal’s milk?

We are the only species on the planet that feels the need to do this, this is what got me thinking, and researching. The facts that I found, made me really think about the amount of dairy that I consume.


Clever marketing has made us believe that we need to drink dairy to support a healthy diet and lifestyle. That dairy should be our main source of calcium and protein for our growing and busy bodies. I found out recently that this not as straightforward as I once thought.

It is true, milk does contain high levels of calcium and protein, although it is in a form that can be processed by a calf not a human. Weighing around 100 pounds at birth, a calf can gain nearly eight times its weight by the time it is weaned. So you can imagine…

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