Remember this from Bugs Bunny, when we were growing up?  Well I believe that it’s important to teach your baby bird to fly, weather he wants to or not.   My 21 year old moved out the other day.  I basically pushed him out of the nest.  Fly baby bird fly!  I moved out into my own apartment the day after my 18th birthday.  It was scary and I got my self into some learning moments that helped me be stronger and grow into a “Pull myself up by my bootstraps” kind of woman.   I think that there’s a time in everyone’s life when they need to leave the security of the nest and figure out how to get themselves out of predicaments.  Like the baby vulture did in the cartoon, he realized he had to flap to keep from falling.

He is now renting a room for $75 a week in one of his co-workers house who is my age and her kids are all out of the house moving on with their own lives.   I am not sure this is the flying I wanted him to do.  I think that she will mother him too much like I did for so long.   However, it is a step towards flying free for him, I suppose.

As parents we all want our kids to go farther, do better, and learn more from life that we did.  I want that for all my baby birds.  But I guess it is my lesson to learn this time.  Just because I want him to get out and be a man on his own and in his own apartment,..because I did that and that’s the way you jump into adulthood.  Not all baby birds learn to fly that way.   I can’t force my kids into bare bones,  gritty, painful, adulthood experiences  that I had and learned from.  Isn’t it, in fact, that he is easing into adulthood better than  what I had?  Isn’t that what we all hope for.  I suppose I have been looking at his renting a room from the wrong point of view.

Isn’t it funny the things our kids teach us, when we thought we knew it all?