Wonkiness, wonkiness, how do i hate thee
I left the water on this morning after I went pee
Started to take my meds, went and got a cup
“It was kinda chilly when I got up”
set the cup on the counter, the dryer went off
“wow these jean buttons sure are hot!”

Trying to find my phone cord, I looked in my bed
I threw on a hoodie, and got the dogs fed
“A smoothie sounds good, That’s what I’ll do”
banana strawberries, mangos, and berries of blue
watching it whir the microwave timer went off
“What the heck did I set that for?” as I turned it off

standing in the kitchen
“there was something I was supposed to do”
I bent over and picked up my husbands shoes
Walking toward the mudroom I stopped in my tracks
“I wonder how Chips doing, since she hurt her back?”
squatting down to pet her,
“she seems to be doing better”

Headed to the living room
“time to relax”
Spotting the cup on the counter, I pick it up to put it back
“Oh wait, did I take my pills?”
Oh wonkiness how you make me ILL!!!