I think I mentioned once or twice that I am a Pinterest.com fiend.  I found this wonderful hair mask! I love what it does to my hair and it has a lot of great “super food” ingredients to nourish your hair from the inside.

avocado banana hair mask


What it’s Supposed to Do: Moisturize, soften and shine hair.

Does it Work?: In one word — YES. The oils in avocados are one of the few that can penetrate the cuticle and actually moisturize hair. Therefore, the ability to soften and moisturize hair doesn’t rest only on how avocado coats the hair, but the moisture will remain after the mask is rinsed down the drain.   Make sure to use a soft, ripe avocado. They are easier to work with in terms of making a paste for a mask.


What it’s Supposed to Do: Moisturize, nourish, impart shine, soften hair, and control scalp issues like dandruff.

Does it Work?: In one word — YES.  the vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes that  work together to nourish and soften hair. Make sure you use ripe bananas and make a paste.

Dr. Oz sent his top scientists to find the best home solution for damaged hair, and you know what they found? A smooth puree of mashed bananas makes the best hair mask… just apply the mashed bananas, relax for 15 minutes, and your damaged hair will get repaired and soothed!


What it’s Supposed to Do:  strengthen and make your hair silkier, softer and more manageable as well as condition and prevent hair loss

Does it Work?:  Absolutely!   The vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes that  work together to nourish and soften hair and strengthen hair shafts from the scalp out.

Olive Oil

What it’s supposed to do: One way to help preserve your hair and make it thicker, fuller and more lustrous is the use of olive oil. Olive oil for hair growth has been used for centuries, and there are many happy people who say it definitely works. Olive oil, especially when heated, can provide deep conditioning for the hair, and that can lead to a healthier scalp and more hair on your head.

Does it Work? Yes! i have had less hair fall out an my hair is thicker since I’ve been using it.