I used to love the fall. I loved the chill, the smell, the pumpkin and apple everything. I still love fall in theory. My mind and body disagree since my diagnosis. My mind loves the fall still. My body, not so much. The chill of the last few days has made me retreat into my cocoon on the couch of blankets and warm clothes. Weird bones and joints hurt that haven’t hurt in a long time. The last three days were not fun.

Well today I feel a lot better. I feel great as a matter of fact! So, I decided to give myself a spa day. I usually try to have a spa day once a month. I make sure to do my spa day on a day I feel good enough to clean the bathroom.  The applying of the homemade products are Messy. Wonderful, and good enough to eat… But, MESSY!

Mix these individual items a head of time and when they’re all made, blast some feel good music, and head to the bathroom and strip. While applying the “treatments” make sure to sip on your  Chocolate covered blueberry super smoothie!

super blueberry smoothie

First thing I make sure to use on my spa days is the  Avocado Banana hair mask.  This is first because the longer you leave it on, the better it works on your hair.   i leave this on for at least 20 minutes.  When you rinse it out, use warm water and then wash your hair with your regular shampoo. DO NOT USE CONDITIONER.

comb your hair first and use your hands to apply mask to dry hair
comb your hair first and use your hands to apply mask to dry hair

After I apply the hair mask I then move on to the citrus and sugar body scrub. Make sure to wear flip-flops and stand on a towel while applying it to your body. You don’t want to put it on your feet just yet.  It is very slippery and sticky.  I leave this on for at least 10 minutes. If you have your honey get that spot on your back near your shoulder blades that you just can’t reach, even better! 😉

use your hands to rub it all over your body.  Not your face.
use your hands to rub it all over your body. Not your face.

Now, your hair is avocadoed, your body is sugared… now its time for your face.  I use the honey cinnamon face mask.  My skin has become super sensitive.  When I found this on Pinterest, It said to leave it on for 30 minutes. Doing  that actually made my face swell and burn and turn red… the opposite effect of what it’s supposed to do.  So I only leave it on for no more that 5 minutes and the skin on my face gets great benefits.

Don't forget to make faces at yourself in the mirror!
Don’t forget to make faces at yourself in the mirror!

So, now you’ve become a food monster.  Head for the bathtub.  Make sure to bring your smoothie and don’t forget to bring a new razor and the left over citrus and sugar body scrub.  Get in, sit down, and run a warm bath.  While the bath is running wet a washcloth with the water, ring it out, and lean back and put it on your face until you think the water is high enough to soak in for a little bit. Turn the water off.  Wipe your face off with the wash cloth from the center out.  Using this method with the washcloth leaves your skin in a neutral position, instead of pulling it in directions that cause wrinkles.  Soak for how ever long you want.  Yes the water looks dirty but all of the stuff that’s in the water is great for your whole body, so why not get all of the benefits all over?

When you feel you’ve soaked long enough, use the wash cloth to scrub off the rest of the sugar scrub.  Have your honey wash your back off, again if possible.   Use the remainder of the body scrub from your bowl and rub it all over your feet, and up your legs, on your bikini area and under your arms.  Do not rinse it off, then shave as usual.

A tip for not getting razor bumps in your bikini area and underarms is –> shave sideways.

Shave your bikini area from center out toward your thighs and then shave up, never down.  Shave your armpits from your body out toward your shoulders and then down, never up.   The reason this way works is because it is not irritating the hair follicle. If you go up or down first, the hair follicle becomes inflamed and that’s where the bumps come from.

Let the water out of the tub and turn on the shower.  Cool the water down so that it’s just cooler than warm.  Rinse your hair and body.  Do not soap your body.  Use your normal shampoo on your hair.  DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR CONDITIONER.

Now after your out and dried off, clean out the tub… and its time for a pedicure! i go to have a pedi and  brow waxing. I mean, some of a point of a spa day is so that other people do stuff for you.   Doing most of it yourself is cheap, and rewarding, and beneficial, and CHEAP!  After my home made spa day my skin feels and looks great, my hair feels and looks great and I feel beautiful and sexy and clear minded.  If you can get your honey to give you a gentle massage after your spa day …… hhhhmmmmm  (;*)

its a great all around “pick me up” after a bout of weather related flare ups! 

spa bath