Okay, since I am almost an empty nester, (4 months 11 days … but who’s counting ;D)swim with sharks I was going over my bucket list seeing what i can check off.  Oh sure, there are things on my bucket list like, see 50 cities outside of the U.S. and swim with sharks and see a baseball / football game in every U.S. stadium.  But,  as i was going down my list it hit my like a slap in the face with a jelly donut!  Holy frijoles, I’ve become so selfish!  All of the things on my list cost more than a couple of dollars, and they all were to cater to or benefit ME.

I have always been a giving person. I have always tried to be kind and not “judge books by their covers”.  I would help strangers with packages, give people rides, buy food for homeless people, give money to the red cross and the salvation army.   I tried to involve my kids as much as possible to be mindful of others needs as well as our own.

Anyway, while looking over my bucket list the thought came to my mind and stayed there for a few days.  What have you done to bless others the way you’ve been blessed?  I was stumped.  How was I considering all these material things for me but not willing to pay it forward.   I truly believe that giving is the best form of love and healing.   It feels good to make someone feel good.

So I made it a point to add things to my bucket list that were meaningful to others.

One of the things I added was to volunteer at least once a month.

I had my first opportunity to volunteer last Sunday for the Rutland County Humane Society at the Dock diving event. Andy, Alex and I went and helped out at the Lakehouse pub & grille and had a great time watching dogs jump off of the dock.

lake house pub and grille I was in a kayak retrieving any run away toys.  It was going great until I was trying to coax a dog into jumping by grabbing its toy from the water.   Bloop! There I go – I fell out of the kayak into the water!  I got a great round of applause! It was spectacular!  Alex had his waders on and was helping the dogs get onto the ramp to get out of the water.  He grabbed the Kayak and flipped it back over. I took a bow when I got to a place where I could stand up.  It was great fun!  I even got the “biggest splash award”!  Andy was helping the announcer make sure the dogs names were correct.

So at the end of the event, the Humane Society earned $987 and I felt glad to be a part of something outside of my own little bubble.  My body has rebelled against me since then, but it was definitely worth it.  Because of the great feeling you get from giving.

I regret that I don’t have any pictures to show you. You’ll just have to use your imagination and chuckle to yourself 😉