This is an awesome idea for anyone who has pain, or anyone who just can’t get warm enough. Crafty people can sew, crochet, or knit a cover to make it pretty as a gift, Christmas is right around the corner


lindsay leigh bentley

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I remember being cold constantly as a kid.  Not because it was actually cold, but because I was a skinny little thing and hated to wear layers…ah the problems of youth.

Anyhow, I loved heating my bed up before I got in with a heating pad or hair dryer.  I’m sure my mom would have flipped if she’d have known I was doing this since the hairdryer is an obvious fire-hazard, as is taking a heating pad to bed with you!

However, one thing I didn’t know about products like these, including heated blankets, is that they release extremely high levels of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields).  I’ll do a whole post on this topic soon, but in a nutshell, anything that gives off electricity gives off EMF’s which can be a real problem for the body by disrupting it’s natural “flow” and can suppress the immune system.  This is why…

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