I volunteered and did some good for others

I came home hurting and asked you for help

You told me to quit doing for others before I do for you two

The pain grows stronger

my back hips and legs are burning

I ask you to help with the chores

you get angry and tell me you worked this week

You sit in your chair and ask what’s for dinner

I get up and make it, tuna melts are nice and easy

I ask why you two can’t help with chores around the house

I mean you live here too

You ask how many pain pills I’ve had

and scream about needing less stuff

I start washing dishes

it has to be done

what are we going to eat off of If I don’t

I start to cry because the pain is so bad

Now you get really mad

You scream at me to sit down, you’ll do it now

I say why do I have to beg when you see it needs done

Quit being such a baby

you say as you plop in your chair

This disease will only get worse and I need your help

you yell again about needing less stuff

I mean why do I have to keep giving to you two

I’ve done it  for most of your life

Its time to give to others

that appreciate me