“So, what do you do, Michelle?”
She said with curiosity on her face
“What do I do?”
I repeated biding for some time
Looking down at my hands
my cheeks turning pink

I clear my throat and look at her
Her curios look still there
“I, uh, I’m disabled”
I say in a tone barely above a whisper

Her look turns from curious to confusion
as she leans in
“I’m sorry what?”
The Irish bar music coming across too loud
“I have been on Social Security, for about a year”
I shout, too loudly,
the music hit that awkward silence

The look on her face is surprised
“Oh, How’s that?”
She says almost accusingly
I look down again and fiddle with my ring
“I have health issues that keep me from working”
I say as determined as I can

She sits back
almost disgust on her face
“I’m, uh, going to …. the … bathroom”
She finally says, as she hurries away
conversation over
another potential friend lost

I sit in my chair
next to my husbands friends
with him and them ignoring me
I guess that’s how it should be

How do I answer that question
with pride or not to drive people away
What should I say
being truthful but unashamed