so many pumpkins 1

So many, pumpkins… so much to do with them! This beautiful little guy is my friend Nicole’s son. Thanks to her for providing such a great photo subject for this post. ūüôā

Here in Vermont, the weather today is 28 degrees and cloudy off and on. The typical fall weather in Vermont is up and down, there could be snow … or not. I am giving you this weather report, because the heaters have been on in our house for a couple of weeks. And, because the heaters are on, my super sensitive skin has been really hurting and burning because of the dryness and itchiness, subsequently caused by the dryness.

Which brings me back to the title of this post. Not only is it a great season for carving, eating, and drinking great pumpkin concoctions, but pumpkin is also great for outside your body as well.

Pumpkins are very good for you:

  • The have an abundance of Vitamins A, C, Betacarotine, potassium and E (1)
    • Which, research shows, are good for your eyesight, especially in dim light and immune system
  • The vitamins and minerals found in pumpkins have been linked to helping our bodies to fight cancer
  • They are very high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, so they help to curb your appetite while helping you to feel full sooner
  • Using pumpkin as a hair mask 2 times a month helps your hair to be healthy and full of body
  • Using pumpkin on your face helps to moisturize your skin and diminish lines and wrinkles and gives a healthy glow
  • Using pumpkin on your body and feet moisturizes, exfoliates, and provides a healthy glow

Okay, I’m going to start the recipes with the end of the day pumpkin deliciousness because it needs to be in a crock pot all day tickling your senses with the warmth of ¬†what fall is supposes to be. ¬† Get your crock pot out and get this pumpkin and butternut squash soup started.

But, of course, before we slather our bodies with pumpkin here is a very delicious pumpkin smoothie recipe to put us in the mood.

Paleo pumpkin smoothie

¬†Okay so now on to our hair and body. As you may have seen in my It’s time for a spa day post, working with putting food on your body can be a messy endeavor. ¬†So put towels or a large plastic (trash) bag under your feet. Have sponge or rag to wipe the sink by your side, and wipe right away. ¬†This way cleaning up the mess will be easier. This simple DIY pumpkin hair mask is wonderful for your hair, and is recycling a plastic bag as well!

Another use for plastic grocery bags!
Another use for plastic grocery bags!

Now that we have the top covered we can move down to the face.   This Moisturizing pumpkin face mask is wonderful for the dryness of your skin and  will also give you a healthy glow as well as a bonus Рlessen your lines and wrinkles!


We can’t forget the rest of our bodies and our feet with this great pumpkin fest! ¬†Here is a great Pumpkin Foot and Body scrub to finish off this great pumpkin day…. Don’t ¬†forget to enjoy your soup!