Okay, this time of year has been a love / hate relationship for me.  Seemingly more hate than love  as of late.  I hate the over-commercialization of Christmas.  The decorations are going up earlier and earlier, and the real reason for the season is getting more and more lost.  Around here Halloween and Christmas decorations, along with super stocked toy departments, were in place MID-OCTOBER.  The stores are loudly advertising.  Here – buy stuff earlier – so you can spend more – so you can have more.


 Christmas has become just another day to get “STUFF”.  Lumped right in with Halloween – Let’s give kids junk to show them we “love them” and see how much we can teach them to be more unhealthy and more single-minded. 

In an effort to thwart my negative thoughts on the season altogether, I have decided to  follow the examples of other bloggers.  I have read pieces on days of gratitude and I have really liked the idea.

Time to refocus on the things I am grateful for.  It is much better for my mental and physical health.

Day 1

I am thankful for  sweet silliness.

Chip’s personality is just what I need. I giggle at her sweet silliness and her tenacious personality and realize she’s here for a reason.