So, yesterday I was having a flare-up. My collar bones and teeth joints as well as my back and hips were giving me all kinds of problems.  I was pretty exhausted all day too.  I didn’t get around to getting off of the couch much.  I was just there, zoning out on TV shows.  Trying to calm my body down.

In the evening Ryan came home with Jackson, his best friend.  They were going to play video games.  Jackson goes to college only about a half hour away from us, at Castleton State College.   Anyway – we were talking with Jackson and Ryan about how their college experiences are going so far.

Jackson was telling us funny stories of some of the happenings at his college.  Of course, Ryan had to chime in with some of his funny stories as well.  They both have such infectious hearty laughs that you can’t help but be effected.  I was laughing right along with them.  By the time Jackson left I hadn’t noticed the pains so much and I was able to go to bed for the night with a chuckle in my mind.

Today I am grateful for infectious laughter.