Those of us who have to deal with chronic pain, often treat the closest to us badly – when they are trying to help. This poem by Julie is great for those people who have to deal with us.


The Nocturnal Laundress


When you see me

getting upset

over stupid little things

please try to remember

the pain I carry in my body every second

of every day.


When you hear me

slamming doors

or being unreasonable

please try to remember

how the pain makes me crazy

and want to scream.


When you watch me

get very quiet and retreat into myself

because I can’t take any more

please try to remember

that my brain is overloaded with noise, light

but above all

the pain that never, ever, ever goes away.

woman with head in hands

When I start to take it out on you

please try to remember

that it’s nothing personal

I am only lashing out at you

because you

are the closest target

and please know how bad I feel

after I’ve said or done something

to hurt you.


Please try to remember

how I wish things were different

and how sorry I am…

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