I think I am technically off according to the calendar.  I mean most of the time I don’t know what day it is.  I am going to continue with my days of gratitude anyway.

Today I am grateful for friendship


There are often times when this disease makes me feel isolated, alone, friendless, and trapped.   This disease tends to take away freedom.  Seeing friends is a hit and miss. Just getting off of the couch is a hit and miss as well. On those days I turn to the blogging world.

When looking at my stats today, I found that I have 101 followers and 3800 views.  These numbers make me feel important and accepted.

When I read comments from others on what I write … I feel supported and understood.

When I look at all of the awards I have been given … I feel loved and appreciated.

When I read others poignant posts that seem to reach right into my mind, my heart, my soul… I feel connected.

On days when I am so exhausted and distraught with pain that I can’t focus, everything I say sounds like I am drunk, and I resent that I can’t just get a hug and a cup of coffee with a friend to vent… like today.  I seek out my blogging friends.

Even though I can’t physically touch or see them, I feel they are true friends. My blogging friends help me to feel better because they are always there for me.   So today I am grateful for great blogging friendships.