A basketball game, he said, why don’t we go?


I’m in pain, I said, I kinda think no.

It’ll be fun, you can get out of the house…

I guess it would be fun, I admitted, watching them run and jump about.

We know the players on both of the teams –

Our son, his girlfriend, her parents

The best cheerleaders we know for our home team!

This is exciting,

I’ve missed this –

I thought into the first period.

The pain in my hips gnawing and biting.

As the game went on,

the excitement and anticipation grew.

So did the noise level, and my pain too.

Each whistle blew through me,

like shards of glass.

The shaking of the bleachers

was crushing my back.

I tried to zone out –

to focus on “zen”.

Breathe deeply,

focus, relax the pain out again…

I loved watching the fun going on all around me.

I didn’t love the torture going on inside me. can't get out of bed

Today I am paying the price to be normal.

My body is rebelling,

I can’t get out of bed,

Back to being dormant…

that’s the cost to be normal