Okay, I know.  It has been over two weeks on the calendar since I did a day of gratitude post.  When I started out doing these posts I was purposely trying to be grateful for things that aren’t things because I am so sick of the commercial capitalism that is forced upon us at this time of year.  Now, don’t get me wrong… just because I didn’t post everyday about gratitude didn’t mean that I didn’t find things to be grateful for.  Just, for one reason (my body chose to put up a big fight since about the 17th or so) or another (I was putting time with people first) I just didn’t blog about them.

And truthfully, I was saving up this particular gratitude for today – Christmas day – on purpose.

Now, all you silent warriors with chronic pain might want to sit down and take a few deep breaths before going on.

Today, Christmas Day, I am grateful for Fibromyalgia.lost her marbles

I know, If you have been following me at all… you know that I do post about having down days with fibro. That is the reality of this disease. But, I have to live with this disease for the rest of my life.   And, since Job and Jesus suffered greatly in their lives with a much greater purpose and conviction than li’l’ ol’ me… and still were patient and grateful.  I can be truly grateful for the blessings from fibro. Yes, there are blessings from fibro. Being grateful and joyful about blessings, however small, help me to see my future with this disease as less daunting.

Since having fibro, I now have time to meet with friends for lunch during the middle of the day and talk for as long as we want, without having to rush back to work in half an hour.  This has helped me feel loved, lifted up, important, connected and happy.

Since having fibro, I got to attend all of my twins’ senior year athletic and other important school events, no matter what time of day they were – because my work schedule  and commute time didn’t get in the way. This showed them that I was there for them and they were important to me.  It also created happy memories for me with the pictures I took.

Since having fibro, I go to travel with my husband Iceland on our time and our schedule instead of having to work around work schedules and vacation time.  This helped my husband and I become closer together as a couple and create great memories with my camera.

Since having fibro, I have gotten to take painting classes that I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to take if I were working. This has tapped into my creative side and changed that light bulb so it’s a little brighter, making me feel happier and more content.

Since having fibro, I have gained a lot of great friends through blogging that I feel very close to, even on days  when I have to be isolated.  When I was working, I never really had any friends. I especially never had anyone I felt a “I’m in the same boat” connection to.

Since having fibro, I have gained education and perspective from and about other’s lots in life and just points of view in general. This has given me a sense of belonging and touches my ever-longing urge to learn about people in their “raw” state, rather than in their “robotic corporate facade” that I’ve noticed when I was working.

Since having fibro, I have been forced to eat healthier and do healthier things. When I was in the corporate world  I wouldn’t have done these things because I was  caught up in the robotic droning of corporate society where there was no time to do or be real and everything was too fast paced and tiring to even think about it.  Because of being forced to eat and do healthier things I am healthier and the battles I have to fight have become easier.   As a bonus, people are telling me how great I look as well!

Since having fibro, balance has become my priority. I have to balance everything I do according to my pain level and my energy level.  I used to have a “just one more thing.” “gotta get this done now” mentality.  I have now learned that the dishes can wait. Who cares about dust and dog fur. Asking for help is not terrible, but they don’t have to do it either.     Because of this balance, I can take time for me, for my spa days, for my cuddle days with hubby for just being outside – with the dogs.  The corporate world caused me great unbalance.

So, as you can see, even things we think are a curse to us have blessings for us too.  For this I am grateful.