As you know we had two (three if your a partier) big food holidays in a row where it is very easy to get off track on eating whats best. All the scrumptious grainy breads, sugary sweets, corn syrup and multi-chemical laden dishes made with one or two “good for you” ingredients – so they are deemed okay.   These are rough times to get through if your family members don’t eat the same way you do. Everyone overeats. They don’t even know what it is… kinda like this…

I did great for Thanksgiving. No white potatoes or stuffing for me. Nor did I have any green bean casserole. And I made a Paleo approved pie so I was good.  Christmas was my downfall.  My sister-in-law is a great baker. There were so many “healthy” snacks.  I just gave in. I figured – One day of eating “normally” can’t hurt, right?  

The next morning I felt hungover.

The problem is that there was no alcohol of any kind to consume.  But, this was one of the worst hang-over’s I had of memory. My body was screaming all over the place. Head pounding. Nauseous. Dizzy. Absolutely Ridiculous!  After my two days of recoup from my “normal eating hangover”, I just felt bloated. Weighed down. Sluggish. Out of sorts.

Buying Paleo has been a constant struggle with Andy.  He keeps arguing the “logic”  of the diet. He argues the cost of buying for me, because he insists that he doesn’t need to eat like me. But I needed to feel better.  So I compromised. I decided to go vegetarian for a week.  The problem with going vegetarian vs. paleo is that vegetarian  includes bread and cheese.   I decided I would allow my self one “serving” of grains a day and do 1/2 a serving of dairy each meal – because I really needed some protein.

I came up with some really delicious recipes.  The problem was I never felt satisfied. I always wanted more to eat at each meal.  Sticking to a serving size at each meal I made it through the week. Overall the week helped me feel a little better. But, not great.  Now, don’t get me wrong. There have been times where I have eaten normal meals in a day. But not a whole days worth of normal meals. So I thought the weeks worth of the vitamin rich veggies would cancel out the not-so-good other stuff from the grains and dairy.

My head and joints have been naggingly achy and my bowels have not been happy at all this past week. Even with no meat and all those veggies.

So, back to paleo for me.  My body really does function at its best when I eat food that’s unfooled around with. Which is the core -the essence – of the paleo diet.  Unfooled around with. {thanks for the saying Florida’s natural orange juice}.  Is it any wonder the normal diet is sad…. they even call it that – The Standard American Diet.

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