Wendy, a good friend of mine, went on a wonderful mission trip to Mozambique, Africa through a ministry site called Iris Global in July of 2013.   A group of medical professionals and non-medical professionals alike went to bring simple medical assistance to a village that truly needed it.  After she came back from this trip, she gave a wonderful and moving presentation to our church about the mission.

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As you may have guessed, the children there were dressed in clothing that were dirty and ill-fitting, holy.  That’s when the idea came to her to continue the good that was done on this missions trip and suggest to our church to make Little Dresses for Africa.

This is where we – I – get involved.  In my post, Rethinking my bucket list, I made it a point to add things to my bucket list that were meaningful to others. I look for every opportunity to do this.  Making these dresses was one of these opportunities.

Girls as young as 13 and 15,

as well as we  – older than that –  ladies  got involved in making dresses to brighten the worlds of little girls.  

These dresses were so easy to make.   It is a wonderful feeling to bring such joy and hope to people around the world by doing something so simple.  

So many countries around the world are wanton for just the simple things that we Americans take for granted that we can’t even understand how wonderful they feel receiving such a simple gift.  Some of the dresses also went to Haiti with one of the church member’s mom, who is a current missionary there.