The last one flew not too long ago

spread her wings to conquer the world

the other two have long since gone

their ideas, hopes and dreams – waiting to be unfurled

This is the day I have been waiting for

I have put them first in all I’ve done

caring for, helping and praising along the way

“fly little birds, your songs need to be sung”

Looking around this empty nest

the bits of shells and feathers left behind

wondering what’s next

now that its my time

I am not sure where to go

I am not sure what I am to do

I find myself dreaming and thinking

so much of my life was spent considering you

This nest is too big now for what we need

my little birds have ventured out on their own

we need much smaller, but where do we choose

when for so much have your lives you have called this nest home

I have this struggle within myself

the emotions are causing havoc within me

thoughts swirling and diving

trying to let go and do for me