I’m so blessed I feel like doing the Funky Chicken!  Okay, those of you who weren’t around in the 70’s… you missed out.  ecuador mapJust roll with it… Moving on.

I have a wonderful opportunity to serve on a short-term missions trip to Ecuador!  I am going with 4 other wonderful people from our church.  We found out about this wonderful opportunity through Incalink.org.

Since immersing my self in other cultures and traveling outside of the US were two things on my bucket list and it had been almost a year since I had been able to do any traveling.  Life tends to be so demanding like that! I jumped at the opportunity!

My blog about my experiences with fibromyalgia have kept me busy these last few months. I have made so many connections and have had so many people tell me that my real writing about my real experiences has helped them. I have been so blessed by the life that fibromyalgia has opened my eyes to.  Pain is no longer my life but merely an obstacle in my life’s journey.


Speaking of an incredible life’s journey, I have been blessed with another amazing  opportunity to serve God and learn more about the people and cultures of the world.  I, and 4 other team-mates, from our church – The Alliance Christian Fellowship in Rutland, VT have felt the urging from God to go on a missions trip to bring God’s light to disadvantaged children in an orphanage in Manta, Ecuador.

We will be leaving from Albany, NY June 30, 2014 and flying into Quito, Ecuador. The capital city. From there we will meet with the established missionaries at the Quito airport, who will help us to arrange travel from Quito to Manta. Our missions trip will last until July 9, 2014, when we’ll bring our memories and friendships and wonderful life experiences back home to Vermont with us.