Unfortunately, the last few months the money has been very tight for us.  My husband was on unemployment, but they decided he only deserved $40 a week, but they still expected him to go on interviews and look for jobs.  So all of my disability money had to go to pay the bills and gas money for him to keep looking for a job.  However, my disability money didn’t allow us to pay for the bills and food.   Luckily we have good state help programs in place and can go to the food shelf so we can eat.  And that’s what we had to do. For three and a half months we relied on food shelves to live.  This meant relying on canned goods, pasta, bread and sweets.   Their goal is not for people to be healthy, but to survive.

Now, please don’t get me wrong.  I am very appreciative of the food we got from the food shelf.

But, my goodness did the preservatives, chemicals, sugar and carbs do a number on my fibro and fibro fog! I have had the worst time being able to concentrate and have had new belly pain pretty much the whole time I’ve had to do with out meat and fruits and veggies in their “from the ground” state.

This unintended experiment has definitely solidified that what I put into my body directly affects how my body feels and how my brain functions.

Paleo and sugar detox eating has definitely made me feel the best since I’ve had fibromyalgia.