Oh this body I’m in
We’re not on the same page
My mind says, “Go out.
Go see some friends”
My body says, “Ha
try it. You’ll feel twice your age.”

Been trying for weeks to meet up with her
Because she’s a single mom, she’s always busier
Today was a day that we were supposed to meet up
Then trying to get there my head got stuck
The fog rolled in about 9 or so
Then the achiness from nowhere came in for a blow
Driving in this state, no one should do
Had to tell her I couldn’t make it
Once again having to make plans a new.

The isolation in this cold dark house
is getting me down
I need to see friends, to go out in town
But, every time i make plans that I think I can do
My mind and my body say, “NOPE screw you.”

Sighing and writing
trying not to cry
I hate feeling helpless
as time passes by