I wish I could remember what I forgot.

The thingys, whatcha-jiggers, who-see-whats-its, and what not.

All of those things I’m trying to say…

But in the middle of my thought, they just go away.

I end up stammering and stuttering, or just drawing a blank.

And sometimes, I insert the entirely wrong word that doesn’t drank.


I worked so hard to prove them wrong.

The ones that said I was stupid and worthless for so long.

I went to school and got a bachelor’s degree

I loved learning about the mind, the soul, the terminology.

Now all that knowledge that I loved knowing

comes and goes, and it’s really annoying.


That’s one of the things to get used to when living with chronic pain.

Too many signals are over taxing the poor brain.

So, unfortunately things that aren’t important go by the way side

like saying the right word at the right time.