annoying headacheThe past three days it seems that my battery never fully charged. I can’t sleep because of the hip pain on my right side and the shoulder pain on my left side.  The nagging achiness that is usually there has increased in intensity. I’m grumpy. The nagging headache that I have had is knocking loudly inside my skull again.

This brings us to today.

Y’know many people who know that I am home during the day, but still am able to make ends meet, sometimes say, “I wish I could have a day like that.”  Do you…?  Really…? 

This is how my day was today. My husbands alarm went off at 6:30am. I feel like I have only been truly asleep for 20 minutes. My arms and legs feel like they are each 50 pound weights.

The dogs jump on me and start licking my face.   I make my way downstairs and make hubby breakfast and feed the dogs. My mind and body are on autopilot.  My ears are ringing so loudly now that I have to ask my hubby “what?” more than once before I can figure it out. Taking my pills and a large glass of water I sit down to eat and the ringing and heaviness starts going away. I paint for a while. It seems I can function fairly well now.

It’s 10:30 am. I know I have to get a lot done today, Ryan is coming back from his vacation in D.C. and bringing his friend.  I make a to do list. I go in and take a warm bath. One of the things on my to do list is cleaning the downstairs bathroom. I dry off, wrap a towel on my head and grab the cleaning things from the kitchen.  I clean the tub. My shoulders, upper back and collar bones start burning like I just bench pressed 50 lbs 20 times. I move on to the sink and then toilet.  Now I feel like I bench pressed 70 lbs 30 times.  I am truly exhausted.draining battery I put my bra on and can’t even force my self to do any more. I’m going to fall down if I don’t nap.  Maybe just a short nap. I have a lot to do today.   I drag myself upstairs and set my alarm. 47 minutes.

Right as I’m really starting to sleep Ryan calls and asks if I can wash his sheets for him. Great. More things for my to do list. I really need some energy. “I guess. But I’m not making your bed for you.” I hang up and try to go back to sleep.

The damn dogs start barking. There have been workers here all week working on the drilled well the landlord wants to put in. My old male dog, Jasper,  is not happy about this at all. Some of the guys came back to finish up and Jasper got the girls barking. None of them are listening to me tell them to be quiet. I get up and close them in the bathroom. It’s the only place they can’t really see or hear the workers outside.  I try to go back to sleep. I’m just getting into deep sleep and my alarm goes off.

feeling dizzyHeadache is back. Ringing in the ears is back. Now I’ve not only done bench presses, but apparently have added some squat repetitions to my imaginary work out. My thighs and calves are burning too. I’m dizzy and have a hard time concentrating.  I’m only at half charge.

I get Ryan’s stuff off of his bed and shuffle kick it down the stairs and into the laundry room. I throw in a load.

I grab the keys, my purse, my camera and head to the car. I forgot the grocery bags. Back inside,  grabbed the grocery bags. Headed out. I forgot to eat lunch.  I’ll get some McDonalds when I get gas. Head to the gas station / Mc Donald’s.  While at the pump I try to put my card in. It doesn’t register that I put it in backwards until the third try.  While eating I take an Aleve. It’s now 12:40pm.

Okay, another thing off of my to do list.

I take some pictures to post for the photo challenge this week on the way to town. Another thing off my list. Pick up my paintings from the graphics place. Head to Big Lots. Boom, boom, boom. three more things off of my list.  Boy, I’m really dragging again. I need something to pick me up. I grab a Dr. Pepper and some chocolate covered raisins. Headache and achiness are less but still there. Dizziness and ringing are gone. My legs are hard to pick up. I stumble shuffle to the car. Another Aleve.

I arrive at the grocery store. My energy is completely gone. I’m in no shape to do any shopping. Maybe a little rest here in the car before I go in. I set my alarm for 25 minutes and lean back and breathe deeply to try to relax from my imaginary work out. My alarm goes off. Again I’m only at half charge. No change to headache and achiness. I know I can’t do all the stuff on my list.  Call hubby. “When you get home can you please do the dishes and kitchen”  “Okay but, I’m really worn out. It’ll be a while before I do.”  Two more things off of my list.

I spot one of those electric grocery carts and drag myself over to lanes in the parking lot to get electric grocery cartit. I go inside and it starts beeping at me. Out of battery. Luckily there’s another one and it’s fully charged.  I grab a regular cart as well.  I look for my grocery list in my purse. I forgot my list. Great. Hopefully I can do this without it. I grab a few things.  Now I’m in front of the dairy/ eggs case. I totally blank out. Staring. Sitting in the cart. Blocking the doors.  Then hubby calls and says that it’s really much better if I just get a few things and head home because I know that I’m  not very good at functioning between 2 and 5pm.  I didn’t mean to be out this late. I didn’t even know it was this late.  It’s 4:22pm.  I grab some eggs and a pizza and head for check out.  I’ll have to come back and finish tomorrow.  Another Aleve.

I get home, put the groceries away, put in another load for Ryan and fall asleep on the couch.