In my post, Is all this medicine making us worse? I talk about my ex-vegan  (yes, I said EX vegan) California cousin going Paleo and being healthier than she had ever been.   Of course,  I had to research the Paleo “fad” and figure out if it really was a “fad” or something more.  I had to find out if it was a diet… Like Jenny Craig, South beach, or other silly things that weren’t really good for your body because you ate a specific way and then were starving and a soon as you stopped eating that way you gained back what you lost.     I wasn’t trying to count calories.  I wasn’t even necessarily trying to lose weight.  I just wanted to stop feeling sluggish. I wanted to stop hurting so much.  I wanted to stop feeling like crap all the time.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.2-Paleo-man

My research started with talking to her.  I was intrigued.  What could make a staunch animal rights activist want to all of a sudden eat them? We had an interesting conversation.  “I was feeling sluggish all the time.  But, mostly I was sick of getting FAT and not having any energy.”   Whoa! I thought vegans were healthy. I thought us “meat eaters” were  what’s wrong health-wise in this world.  She went on to explain that vegans eat a lot of processed sugar, flour, and chemically enhanced stuff.   The key here is processed and chemically enhanced.   When I talked to her about it she had been paleo for a year.  So, it isn’t a fad – great!  She had heard about it from her police officer boyfriend who had been paleo for three years.  She has also talked her sister (who wasn’t vegan) into becoming paleo a few months ago as well, since I talked to her.

This conversation was intriguing.  I had to dig further.  Was this really something I could get behind?  Would it really just help me feel better overall?benefits

Dundadadundundunhhhh … Through the super powers of the infinite search engines that be, here’s what my digging uncovered.

1.  Paleo means paleolithic. Or to eat like the cavemen did.   As close to how God gave it to us as possible.  If it comes in a box, bag or can – man messed with it and it’s not such a good idea to eat.

2.  Gluten – An enhanced storage protein found in wheat, barley, and rye and some oats because they are cross processed with wheat products (i.e. oatmeal) , processed sugar, legumes, and dairy are the enemy.

3.  You don’t have to be a power clean muscle builder who can bench and squat with the best of them and is proud of their snatch  to get really great benefits from going paleo.

4.  Bacon, eggs, and meats in general have been getting a very bad rap over the years.  The media publishes the 5% of research saying it’s bad but “Oopsie we didn’t know” about the 80% of research saying it’s not bad and has healthy benefits.

5.  If it’s on a label and you can’t say it, or don’t know exactly what it is don’t eat it.

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