In week three of the class for dealing with pain we learned about using moderation to move through our pain and to not be afraid to move and exercise at all.   Before I was diagnosed with fibro, I loved to swim. I would keep up in step class.  I would be able to walk two miles with my dogs with out an issue.  The problem since my diagnosis is;  That stuff hurts me now a lot.  Back in my fear the ultimate captor post, I mentioned how I thought I could just jump right into a yoga and Pilates class, and be able to do… and keep up with, the very advanced instructor and the classmates who had been going for a while and were much more advanced that I was.  I thought it was a disaster, a failure, because I didn’t learn to pace my self.

What the pain class instructor said this week really resonated with me.

  1.  Your body is used to protecting itself because the nerves have gone haywire causing pain all the time.  
  2. You have been inactive for fear of pain for so long now, you can’t just jump in where you
    left off.  
  3. Move slowly, in moderation for one week. Then add a very small amount more of activity the next week.
  4. Give your body a chance to succeed.  Don’t push anything because you think in your brain, that it’s easy… when your body disagrees. 

Below is a calm gentle stretching yoga video.  Breathing and stretching are one of the best things for a body that’s been “scrunched up” for so long.   Do this gentle stretching for 5 minutes only  for one week.  You want to feel a great stretch, never pain.  Don’t push your self too far because you think it’s too easy.   Moderation is the key to success! 😀

P.S. please for give my imperfect human, amateur editing.  Thanks!