141After my fibromyalgia diagnosis and  two and a half years of seeing the physiatrist twice a year and telling him that I hated how the prescribed medications made me feel.  Not only did i have pain that was only slightly better than before the meds, but I always felt sluggish and weighed down.  I felt they made me even more sleepy and unable to concentrate and contributed to my morning “paralysis” where my body felt heavy and I could not move anything.   I felt like I was a drug addict and I hated it.  I would rather take less medication, not more.

One of the things the physiatrist did was to put me on three vitamins; B6, E and a multivitamin.  He told me research had been done on these vitamins and that he thought these would be beneficial for me to try and see how they helped me manage the symptoms that went along with fibromyalgia.  I gladly filled the prescriptions, and started. Three weeks ago, on my own, after a Pinterest pin, and research on the internet I started taking Biotin and Evening primrose.  Below is what I found and my thoughts on each one.

 Vitamin B6 

 Vitamin E 


 Evening Primrose Oil 

Of course the multivitamin is to balance out the natural imbalance of just taking the prescribed medications.  I started taking the multivitamin, vitamin B6, and vitamin E all at the same time.    I have noticed that I have more energy.  My migraines happen less often.  I am generally able to concentrate better and it seems like my memory is a little better.   And the best part winkingis that, along with a paleo diet change and some gentle yoga, my flare-ups  are easier to handle and I have less overall pain.  I do still take Gabapentin for my pain but I take much less of it.  And my general pain has gone from a daily average of 8 to some days, a 4 or 3.

To tell the truth, I started using Biotin and Evening primrose oil, for a few reasons.  When my mom died I really paid attention to what I could do to prevent getting cancer.  Also, menopause is right around the corner and I want to punch her in the face and fight her off as much as I can.  And the last reason is just plain vanity.  I want pretty hair and skin and that other stuff is just too expensive!