Going into the store

in the end of September,

The decorations you would normally expect are on display.

The ghosts, pumpkins and black cats are scaring away.


But, rounding the corner what do I see?

All of the pretties for Thanksgiving, Including the Turkey!

Cornstalks, pilgrims, and turkeys galore.

What the heck is going on in this store?!


The next aisle over, I started having palpitations…

The staff was pulling out Christmas decorations!

Lights, and bulbs, and wreaths and snowmen…

Wait, what month are we in again?


My heart is saddened, and my head is confused.

What’s the point in all this? I am not amused.

The industries and stores need to make more bucks

So all they have done is commercialized this stuff.


The season and celebrations are separate for a reason.

Cramming them all together negates each of their meanings.

I am disgusted with all of it… and refuse to join in

This is ridiculous and I won’t let them win.