I have officially been eating like a cave woman for just over a year.  I have had a few “slip ups” here and there and I have given into convenience every once in a while.  But, even trying to be full on paleo for only 80 – 85% of the time has benefited me so much that I am definitely going to keep up the life style change!

cavewomenI have lost so many inches of body fat, I could outfit a walrus! And all I did was eat correctly and do gentle yoga. So far, I am down 4 pant sizes.  Again doing no rigorous exercise.

My hair and skin are the healthiest prettiest they have ever been. It feels so nice to get all of the compliments! My hubby looks at pictures of me from just a few years ago and says he really thinks I’m aging in reverse.

I don’t seem to have a nut allergy any more (mine was mild in the first place – if yours is severe be very careful if trying it). I can now eat nuts and be nuts with squirrels without any problems!lauging squirrel

I have more overall energy

My fibromyalgia flare ups, over all,  are less severe (except for this polar vortex crap we northern North Americans have had the &*^%$# of going through)

I only take a total of  6 – 9  pills a day now (6 of which are vitamins) vs.  once taking 19 pills a day (mostly narcotics) a few years ago. 

And the best benefit of all, I have done research for my hubby specifically about diabetes, and high triglycerides (can cause heart issues).  Eating Paleo positively affects the numbers of both of these things, according to the reports I’ve given him on the research I did! Now he’s taken the steps to stop eating grains as well and has already seen better numbers!

Yay Paleo! Me Likeum Super Powersum ung ung! (my lame attempt at cave speak) 😉