loosing the sugar battle

My body has been in such a stress filled pain state, in the past few months that I seriously needed to restructure all areas AGAIN and get back in control.

See, when I am stressed I have found out that I go to soda and chocolate as my fall back comfort food.  For some reason – actually I know the reason through counseling, but I won’t get into that here – when I am in mental or physical pain with my fibromyalgia, I think that soda and chocolate are the answer to all that is evil in the world.

I have read, and often rebut with an excuse to naysayers, that dark chocolate is good for you.  Any excuse to feed my addiction right?  And another rationalization I would use with my self and other naysayers is, “At least I’m not as bad as I was growing up when I had 4 sodas  and 3 candy bars a day just to get by.”  Also I would sink into Paleo as my safety hammock as well – in the beginning.  You can have honey, maple syrup, and chocolate concoctions while living the Paleo lifestyle. So I clung to that.

fast foodThe problem was… I would go from having a little every once in a while of soda, chocolate, honey or maple syrup to having more and more.  I would feel bad mentally.  I’d have a sweet treat and a soda. I would feel bad physically I would have paleo dessert and a soda.

My fogginess would get worse.  My  fibro pain would get worse. I wouldn’t feel like cooking… In comes fast food.  The not real food but just enough sugar, salt and  bad fat to appeal to our most primal senses. Paleo got more and more squeezed out and pushed way aside.

And repeat.

What I wasn’t realizing during this time, was that this crap I was putting into my body was causing the worsening of my fibro fog and pain.

Let me say that again, the non-healthy, chemical laden, sugar laden, carb laden “food” I was putting in my mouth was the CAUSE of the severity of my agony.

I had seriously become like a drug addict on “Intervention” I know it’s bad. I know I need to stop. I know It’s harming me.  But I can’t seem to force my self into letting it go.

Then one night while eating my usual fast food something or other with a large soda and a chocolate goody for in between bites of carb loaded yumminess.   I was literally grossed out by what was in front of me. I was grossed out by how gross, sluggish and heavy – not fat heavy, but can’t move heavy, I felt.21 Day Sugar detox book

I found these books on the web by Diane Sanfilippo.  They were literally a God send.

The first book is the main sugar detox book.  It’s important to read from the front cover.  It has great tips on how to prepare to detox, how to manage cravings and it helps you to figure out which level of detox you would like to start at with a simple questionnaire.

I got this book and read through and followed the steps and I was rearin’ to jump in.  Hubby and I went out and bought all of the ingredients on the first weeks list (also included in the book).   The plan was, to cook the whole weeks worth of food in a day or two and keep them in air tight plastic containers in the freezer and fridge for easy microwaveable good stuff. Well, that sorta went okay… except; I’m not a normal human anymore and my body still had all the junk in it.

Lets just say its a wise idea to buy a few (maybe 3 or 4) meals worth at a time and pace yourself if you’re a chronic pain sufferer like me.   Also the fresh fruit and veggies on the list will actually stay edible. My lesson learned…   Boy let me tell ya’ day three and four’s cravings were beasts though.  But I got through them and it was smooth sailing from there.

I had actually stuck to it pretty easily. My taste buds did  actually change.  I actually got a sweetened tea by mistake at a restaurant.  It was too sweet!  Never in a million years would I have thought  that I would claim iced tea to be too sweet!

21 Day Sugar detox cookbookAfter getting approval from the peanut gallery on the recipes.  Of course I had to finesse them with my own approved touches, and sticking with the detox for about two and a half weeks I got the second book.  The 21 day sugar detox cookbook.

{Oh by the way, both pictures are actually links to how to buy them}

Over 100 recipes that are actually good. There are all kinds of different sections throughout the book.  The title of one of the sections is “Not Sweet treats”.  One of the recipes is banana pecan macaroons with chocolate glaze!  Now tell me that sounds gross, boring or flavorless!

I have been staying with it so successfully that I really don’t have to have sweets anymore.  I don’t pick up the random candy bar or soda at the grocery checkout subconsciously.  I decline desert when the waitress asks at a restaurant with out a problem.

The best thing is… I feel better! Both my fogginess and my painfulness are back down to a manageable level.  I can actually function without being stressed out or too tired!