Since having fibromyalgia, I have realized a few things.

1.)  Doctors, whom society has come to rely on for everything health related… from a broken toe, to a brain aneurysm… are very little help in knowing anything about how to help us.  They seem to throw darts at a somewhat educated, inside the box, dart board and see what happens.

Which is in conjunction with

2.)  Usually, because your guess is as good as mine, prescription medications that have helped other things such as depression, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, migraines, etc.are prescribed. Along with those, a counselor, and more exercise seem to be the consensus to help chronic pain patients. Possibly thinking the underlying cause of this pain is one of these things.

and then

3. ) The more individual symptoms you have. The more different prescriptions you are given. So, then you become a functioning, numb, rationalizing zombie. But at least the pain is a little less, you tell your self.

So, you are doomed to be in the not-really-working-but-seems-a-little-better loop.

Unless / Until …

4.) You do your own research. You try out your own things that you’ve heard or read from people who are in your position.  You decide you want to form your own box.

So you do research.  A lot of research. Through blogs, websites, people, support groups.

5.)  You talk to your … now large group of specialized doctors, because each one is supposed to have a tiny bit more knowledge than the last one… and they are astonished.  Some don’t agree and want to give you a new prescription to try. Some don’t know what to say. And possibly one or two (if you are lucky enough to have a new-school doctor) think what you are saying and have found out might have some merit.

So after all that run around and rigamarole, you are basically back at the start. On your own. But  at least this time;

6.) You can take the power back of your own life. You can experiment with cutting out different foods. Try slow appropriate exercise.  And maybe even talking to your doctor about decreasing or stopping your prescription medications, as a trial at first.

Because you are just as much as a medical expert, by listening closely to what your body is telling you , as the paid professionals are when they throw darts at their inside the box dart board.