new-years-resolutionMy 21 year old daughter has been making and keeping New Year’s resolutions every year since 9th grade. Most of the time I don’t worry about resolutions.  However; this year she challenged me, and I feel that it’s something that I am passionate enough about that I will strive towards keeping it.

She challenged me, and hubby, to be more environmentally conscious in our clothing choices.  The specific challenge was to buy only one piece of clothing a month in 2017.

Truthfully, I hadn’t really considered the clothes I wear as impacting the environment.  I have cut out as much plastic as possible.  I recycle everything possible.  I don’t use cleaning products that aren’t earth friendly.  But clothes?   Internet researching I went.

Here are a few articles that opened my eyes to the impact clothing manufacturing has on our earth.

The Truth About the Clothes We Wear

It’s the Second Dirtiest Thing in the World – And You’re WEARING It

Making Climate Change Fashionable

How Many Clothes Do You Throw Away Every Year?

Industry Causing Global Warming

Wow.  These articles were sobering.  I really had no idea.  Toxic additives are making even the simplest fiber, such as cotton, carcinogenic and so harmful that the leaves and stem have to be put into a special wast bin?  Lead, mercury and arsenic, along with other toxic chemicals dumped into water supplies near clothing plants?  70 Billion barrels of oil used every year to make the most popular fiber available, polyester?  Whoah.

Now, I do have to say,  I never throw old clothes away. Unless they are beyond repair or use by someone else. I have always donated my clothes, and my kids clothes when they were younger, and my hubby’s clothes … when he lets me, to area thrift stores, churches, or shelters.

11 Eco Friendly Fashion Tips

Thread Up.  A great way to buy and sell second hand clothes. More options. Bigger selection.

Build and Stick to a Capsule Wardrobe.  Have a few timeless pieces that will last a long time and can be easily mixed and matched with a few trendy pieces.

And if nothing else, Here is a great chart of brand name clothing manufacturers listed in order of eco friendliness.

Won’t you join me in resolving this year to be more eco friendly with clothing choices?