The theme for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge this week is Burgundy or Maroon. These are different colors to different people. See, burgundy is red with more purple added, and maroon is red with more rust, or dark yellow added.  So anywhere between red and rust?  Thats’s what I’m going with anyway.  Either way they’re hard to find to photograph in my opinion.  I mean you could have grampa put on his old burgundy sweater, but how fun is that? So, since I live in Vermont and there are a lot of barns here (there are enough cows for every man, woman and child, to have 5 each), I’m calling barns maroon.

Okay so this one may be closer to rust. But I love the contrast of the “maroon” against the blue mountains.  This was taken on Videy Island in Iceland in 2013.  It’s the remnants of a whale processing plant from the 1850’s.



Again an archived photo. This one was my next door neighbors shed. Taken three winters ago.



This is one of my favorite barns. Taken this past winter.




Another great barn as we drive through Vermont. This one was taken two winters ago.



this is one of the “display tractors” my neighbor across the street has. He owns a small vegetable farm. He still uses what we would call “Antique” equipment. But his motto is ” If I can keep it runn’n, why not use it. Works better’n most of the junk these days.”  This one became a display because he couldn’t keep it running any more.


I had to dodge between rain drops on Saturday to get this picture. I love the contrast of the barn agains the cloudy sky.


This was on my way home on Saturday as well. Many of the older buildings here look like this around Vermont. You only replace what breaks or gets a hole in it. So, you end up with the contrast of a maroon vinyl siding side against probably an 1800’s wood side. Great visual contrast against the green, I think.