Okay, I know I dropped the ball on posting the last few days.  I did actually find things to be grateful for all three days, but, I didn’t get a chance to blog about them.   The things I was grateful for I can’t take pictures of so I will be using internet pictures.  Anyway –

clarity of mind

Day 4: I was very  grateful for clarity of mind.  As many of you chronic pain sufferers know, fogginess is often a way of life.  There is so much pain, and other input going on that the brain can’t function in thinking processes very well.  So, days I can think straight, not talk like I am drunk, and say the correct thing at the correct time in the correct way is a wonderful thing!

time with freinds

Day 5:  Okay, I could’ve gotten a picture of this.  I didn’t have my camera  so Snoopy and Woodstock(s) will have to do.  I went out for coffee with a new friend and and old friend (and her children) and then went back to the old friend’s house  and had a great time and thoughtful conversation.  Again, with the chronic pain, the wonkiness, and the mind and body not being on the same page – any time not being isolated and able to be interactive with others is a big plus in my book!


Day 6: Today I am grateful for creativity.  I successfully created a great recipe for a paleo pumpkin refrigerator pie.  And I have a great idea to create a decoration with wine bottles (the details and pictures will be in another post).